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I’m Kelli. Jeff and I are so glad you’re here. We invite you to take this journey with us as we have now opened our food truck on the Camino de Santiago – Francés at kilometer 59. And eventually the Happy Camper Albergue Campground and Cabins.

Let’s back up a little. In 2018, we ditched the rat race in los Estados Unidos, sold everything and moved to Spain with four suitcases and a dream. Landing in Valencia on the Mediterranean, we quickly heard the siren song of the Camino calling us to Galicia. Except, la pandemia hit Spain hard, and our dreams of living up North were put on hold. But, never say never.

In early 2021, we bought our farm on the Camino and now we’ve set up shop and are welcome Pilgrims from all over the world. Are we nervous? You bet! But someone once said if you are afraid of a new adventure you should definitely do it. It’s pretty much my life’s motto.  A little fear is a great motivator. That’s how I ended up walking the Camino, for goodness sake.

I’ll keep this site updated as we move along with our grand plans. I’m sure you can tell we are very excited about the possibilities. But most of all, we’re excited about meeting all of you as you embark upon yet another adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you for making us a part of your Camino!!

~Kelli y Jeff


O Café de Felicidade – The Happiness Café Food Truck

on the Camino de Santiago – Frances

Our Mission

At the Happiness Café we are privileged to serve the needs of Peregrinos on the Camino Francés, and to be small part of their Camino experience. Our sole focus is supporting Pilgrims with a sustainable experience, including flexatarian, vegetarian and gluten-free foods with allergen sensitivities in mind. We strive to provide a place of respite and comfort, where small moments of magic between Pilgrims occur every day. Bring us a patch from your Camino group back in your home country, and we’ll proudly display in on the food truck and here, on the blog. And you’ll enjoy a coffee on us. 



Now Open!!

     Take a Break – Menu

Breakfast or lunch on the Camino should be more than a croissant and a coffee. Gluten-free, ovo lacto vegetarian and an allergen sensitive means all are welcome at The Happiness Café.

     Take a Breath – Camping and Cabins

Perfect for a day in Galicia. Make a reservation. Check in. Then close your eyes, breathe in the fresh lavender from our field. Put down your pack and rest.

     Tell Us Your Story – Podcast

Each Peregrino walking the Camino started with a story. That story may change along the way – as good stories do – but it began before you took your first step on The Way. What’s your story?

We can’t wait to welcome you!

Where Starlink wifi and water bottle refills are always free

Baby Steps

Phase 1 Summer of 2022: The Food Truck serving vegetarian allergy sensitive and sustainable foods

Phase 2 Fall of 2022: Support Peregrinos with an Albergue Campground and small Cabins

Phase 3 Winter of 2022: Pilgrim Podcast – Stories from the Happiness Café

Latest from the Blog

Closed For The Season

That’s a wrap! We are closed for the season. Spending the winter working on getting our cabins and facilities approved and built! But, never fear, I will be posting some fun pics and stories from a sleepy Camino. Stay tuned. Until then, here are just some of the folks who made this year so special.…

Happiness Enterprises

At kilometer 59 on the Camino de Santiago – Francés – between Palas de Rei and Melide, Galicia, Spain