Update on the Hot Weather

It’s brutal here on the last 100kms of the Frances. Please 🙏 be very very diligent about your water supply. The heat is deadly this week.

We added a dog watering station outside the gate under the bench. Handing out dog treats all day to thirsty pups! And filling countless water bottles. Take care of your furry friends!


Sadly, a healthy Pilgrim died this week, of heat stroke one day out of the start. The second one this month. We are here to support you any way we can. Even if it is just giving you water and calling a taxi. Please take it seriously and arrive to Santiago in good health. Buen Camino


Our temperature gauge here at home. The heat today is over 113F. Please consider not walking tomorrow. If you pass by us before 11am, please refill your water bottle. And stop to cool off, often.

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