Camino Hidden Gems – Milhulloa

Let’s highlight another business near the food truck. In fact, just down the lane towards O Coto and Melide you will find a small tienda with a big heart.

My new friend, Carmela, and her family live in an old stone house dating back to the 19th century. Their family has all been born and lived in this house for more than a century and a half. Amazing! They are true Gallegos, with roots in the land. And now, their natural cosmetic business is, quite literally, rooted there, as well.

If you are walking the Frances, and you find yourself with aching feet or a host of other ailments, they make and sell natural remedies. And they have been doing it for twenty years.

I love their scalp stimulating shampoo. But, I have other favorites. If you stop off, they will direct you to their products that plague Pilgrims on the Way. And if you fall in love with what they grow and manufacture onsite, they have a website, too.

Such lovely, kind people, who love what they do. So, after you stop and see us at the food truck, take a moment up the road. Sit on their old stone wall and rub your aching feet with some Rosemary oil. You’ll be very glad you did.

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