Camino Hidden Gems: Borboriño Ice Cream

Continuing on with our Camino Hidden Gems series, let’s explore local ice cream. Well, really, let’s just talk about the best dang ice cream within 40kms.

It’s a hot day. You’re tired and sweaty. You drag yourself up the last long hill into Melide. Check in to your accommodations, shower and rest. What’s next? Food. Finding food. Always a good plan and a priority on any Camino. After your long Spanish lunch in Melide it’s time for dessert. And, as all 5 yr olds will tell you, ice cream always goes down a treat. And the best freaking ice cream in Melide – or anywhere – is Borboriño on Rua San Pedro in the old part of town.

For €5 you will enjoy so much ice cream you might consider skipping the traditional pulpo 🐙 and stick with our family tradition- Ice Cream 🍦 Dinner!! And you’ll be very glad you did!

One ice cream is enough for two people to share, except that you will want your own to moan over as you wander the street eating to your heart’s desire as strangers and packs of children covet the size of your giant sized cup of heavenly overflowing ice cream. And to top it off, the staff is wonderful, helpful, and smiling. They take Visa/MC too.

Do not miss an opportunity to pay them a visit. Borboriño ice cream will put the Buen in your Camino.

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