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The End of the Season

Walking season is winding down. The number of Pilgrims has dwindled as the wind and rain have ratcheted up. Today was no exception.

When we arose this morning on this rainy blustery day, our intention was to open. I went out to the food truck, turned on the machines to warm them up, took this photo, then prepared to bring out clean dishes and supplies so we could begin serving Pilgrims. In the few minutes I was inside the house a front blew in. Winds nearly toppled our tent. Jeff and I ran out and held it down. He grabbed ropes from the barn and we battened down the hatches using cement blocks, sandbags, and tying the poles to the heavy tables.

The volume of rain would float and ark. But it is the wind that kept us from opening. Too dangerous to allow Pilgrims to sit under the tent to eat and drink with a possibility it might lift up and fly away. We will try again tomorrow.

More and more businesses are closing fir the season. I hear it every day from Pilgrims. Hopefully, we can get in a few more days before our official closing on 31 October. We will keep you updated here. If we don’t fly away 🌬 🍁

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